Top 4 things that made you smile:
1. We were teaching a lesson and a rat popped up out of no where in their kitchen. They did not see it, but it passed 3 times. This did not make me smile, but one day I will look back and laugh:)

2. My interview with my new mission president was great. He is a sweet farmer from Wyoming. We talk for about an hour. He told me so many stories and told me he wanted to give me a big hug:)

3. When one of our investigators called a member that has not been coming to church... "oh you are inactive¨ we laughed for a long time.

4. I gave a talk on Sunday and ´planche´ or spoke very direct to the members. I shared my experience of when the parents of my soccer team booed when I entered the field  for a corner kick.  I told them as disicples of Jesus Christ we need to work better as a team and love each other as brothers and sisters. I told them 2nd is coming soon and that we are not ready. I can tell you that Heavenly Father helped me speak with clarity, directness, and in Spanish:)  

How was zone conference? It was great! Our new president had new instruction for us.  We are to teach lesson 5 before baptism now and a few other things about ward council and ward missionaries.  
 Are there any missionaries who go to BYU? A few, there is one sister that told me she read my blog before her mission and when she saw be at zone conference she said why does she look familiar?.... she then realized it was my blog.  

So you mentioned your apartment is nicer...why? The BATHROOM is clean!!!!!  

Is it raining a lot? It depends... we are now in a season that rains a little less... is just hot ! 

Did your package come? YES i love everything you sent thank you sooooooooooooooooo much. I loved the shirts and picture and my card reader works great. Thank you so much  

I love you all;)