Wow, not sure where to start. This week has been a blessing.  I can literally feel God changing me. I'm in His refiner's fire at the moment and I'm loving every minute. Ok can you believe on Saturday I will have been on my mission for a month... It is crazy; days go by so slow, but weeks go by so fast. I'm loving it here. I'm learning so much and I will not lie I'm a little nervous to leave. I need to learn a lot more before I'm ready, but I know the Lord will help me. This is the 2nd to last time I will be emailing from the USA. 
Ok this week I learned so much so sorry I'm going to just share it all at once. In class the other day my teacher paused our lesson and asked me to really think of an inspired question from the Lord for our investigator. As he paused the lesson and the room was quiet. In my mind I was thinking ok I better think quick because the Lord is not going to give ME a inspired question.  I let my mind go blank and no lie a full SPANISH sentence came to my mind, it was crazy cool. I learned this week I need to have more faith.
Adding on to that I bore my first Spanish testimony in church on fast Sunday all in Spanish not a word in English! Also yesterday my companion Hermana Wilson and I decided to try and only speak in Spanish. It was really hard we said maybe 50 words (probably more but I want it to sound like a small number) lol in English. Our brains hurt at the end of the day, but it was really good. 
Speaking of my companion she is seriously an angel. She has taught me so much about being patience, understanding, not getting offended and so much more, but the coolest thing she taught me this week was about the fact that this is God's work. After a lesson we taught I went to give her a high-five and this is what she said, "I feel like when we high-five we are proud of ourselves and Hermana this is God's work and He is the one that puts the words in our mouth,"( that is the general idea). I was so humbled and I try and live that every day. The Lord is working through me and there is such a difference when I teach about Him verses when I teach with Him about Him.
Ok so we got to go the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) this week again and after the lesson the member said to my companion and I," your Spanish is really good".  I said yeah my companion's Spanish is amazing. Then he looked me in the eyes and said," No both of your Spanish is good."  I need to have faith. God is on my team and helping me every step of the way. 
Ok sorry I have so many random thoughts, but  I learned something in class last night that I love. In Spanish the word poder = power but it is also the verb for = to be able to...... So how cool is that that Through the POWER of God we are ABLE to do all things. That is my Spanish insight of the week!
Also my doctrine insight of the week is this " Commandments are an excuse for God to bless us, so it is your choice how closely you follow them.... I guess it depends on how much we want to be blessed."  
Ok it hit me so hard yesterday that we have the WORD of GOD, I was sitting in class and it hit me that God has given us answers to all of our questions I mean that whether your question how to I be a better husband? How do I find a new job? How can I find happiness as a mom? How do I learn to enjoy work or school? I testify with every fiber of my being that it is in the scriptures.
What are you eating in the MTC? I still eat soup, sometimes salad and sometime bananas with peanut butter and honey.

How is the Spanish coming? Spanish is amazing! I love it and still don't understand a lot, but I just nod my head and smile and say yes when my companion says yes.

What preparation do you wish you had made more of before your mission? One thing I wish I had done before my mission is built a better relationship with My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ..... So for anyone who is reading this that is pre-mission  just try to when you are having a hard day praying and literally talking to God...The atonement is something that I did not understand until I got on my mission. Be addicted to the scriptures and make them a part of you EVERY day life and finally take advantage of seminary.
Ok one more thing..... I heard in a meeting on Sunday that all the missions in the world are supposed to have i-pads within 6 months:)
Ok until next week:) I love you all and I Testify the Church of God is here on the earth TODAY!!!!