Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week 5: Good-Bye MTC...Hello Mexico:)

MEXICO HERE I COME..... 4 MORE DAYS!!!!! I could not be more excited. I don't feel like it is real yet but it is about to be:) Ok so I have my travel plans I leave here at 7:30 am and I get to Mexico at midnight..... that should be fun.

Ok this week..... Was amazing! You will never believe the opportunity I had. I was having a hard day and it was Tuesday night. Hermana Wilson and I went to go eat dinner and everyone had gone early to dinner so there was only 4 missionaries in the cafeteria including us..... and the speaker Elder Zwick ( the 70..... walked in with his wife and the Presidency on the MTC. It was so cool.  Elder Zwick talked to us for like 5 minutes about Tuxtla and he wrote down something that the people say on a napkin for me.  You better believe I'm going to keep that forever.... The saying is "How is your heart". That is how people greet each other down there:)))  Any way it was amazing and I felt like Heavenly Father just reached out His hand and said I know who Melanie Hickman is....  My miracle came after a prayer that I had given to be able to overcome a hard thing. I felt like God knew exactly how to help me. Also you will not believe who is coming on Sunday. ELDER HOLLAND! (  I'm not going to lie I have been praying that he would come and he is:))))))) Heavenly Father answers prayers!!!!

Spanish is coming along and I know Heavenly Father is helping me learn and feel confident right before it gets really hard:)) Yesterday, was a miracle. I did not want to get out of bed and I woke up with 0% joy to do the same thing again and then I remembered my setting apart blessing. About how I needed to pray when days got hard so I did and to be honest nothing changed once I got off my knees, but I continued to go about my day......Then because Heavenly Father is so amazing he helped me learn so much. I learned more Spanish yesterday then any other day at the MTC and I felt soooooooo happy. Heavenly Father gives you what we need when we need it if we trust and ask Him. 

Lately I have been so blessed to have some amazing personal study and comp study that have changed my life:)
Ok some amazing things I have learned this week:

There is a quote that says... "If you want to know if God loves you take a breath." We are so lucky and blessed to have what we have, there is never reason to be sad or mad because God has blessed our lives. 

Also at a Devotional we learned this... " Patience requires faith and we grow that faith most while waiting not receiving." How cool is that.... I think sometime I pray for patience and then I'm not patient while waiting for patience..... lol 

I'm soooo ready to go to Mexico! I feel like my whole life has been preparation for this. I love what I heard at a Devotional, " Who I am and what I do has everything to do with the Savior" Elder Zwick also said "He knows your name, and you wear His, so put it on your HEART" Do we wear Christ name on our chest everyday whether we are a missionary or not and is everything we do and who we are have everything to do with the Savior?"

  Who is traveling with you? 11 other missionaries going to our mission.
 What is going on in your head? So many things.... mostly excitement.... I already know that it is going to be crazy hard, but I have an amazing friend who is going to be with me every step of the way and The Savior knows exactly how I feel:) 

What are you most excited about? To meet the people and love them even if I don't understand them.... This Monday we got to skype teach a member couple that live in Mexico. It was amazing and I loved them after only 40 mins with them.... Using skype reminded me of my patriarchal blessing and how I will see technological advances in spreading of the Gospel.
 What are you most worried about? The first day... we are getting there so late and about meeting my mission president and companion since they will only speak Spanish.  I am also worried about saying goodbye to Hermana Wilson.
  What will you miss the most? Feeling like I'm at home and the Dear Elder letters that I get every day.
  What is one thing that you are learned about yourself in the last 5 weeks? I have learned that I have a personal relationship with my Savior and so much more but mostly that I can and should use the Atonement every day. 

Are you ready for the hot weather?  YES
Ok everyone this is the last email from America. I love the gospel and I'm so excited to go to Mexico on Monday!  I love you all!!! MEXICO HERE I COME!!!!!!!

Hermana Hickman 

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