What has the weather been like? I can´t really give you a day to day weather update because in the same day it is boiling hot and then its start to pour rain. It is mostly hot and there is always rain.  How does that effect your teaching? It doesn't effect anything, only when we show up to lessons sweating a lot or soaking wet. 

Would you consider yourself fluent in Spanish?  Yes and no I understand    99.99 % of everything, but I still don´t know a lot of words.  What do you love about the language? the way it sounds and how fast people talk.

Best lesson this week? This week we had an amazing lesson with our investigator M... We taught him about the law of chastity because we knew that he has problems with it. We invited him to live it and he said yes i will start to live it.  He asked me to talk in English when it was my turn to talk in the lessons and I got to testify that he will be blessed for living this law. The spirit was very strong he told us at the end of the lesson without us inviting him that HE WANTS TO BE BAPTISED. I started to cry, I was so happy. It is amazing how the Lord works in the lives of his children. 

What made you smile this week?
1. We were in front of the temple one day and someone drove past in their car on the busy road and yelled hola HERMANA HICKMAN!!!
2. I got really mad one day and I started to sing," Let it go, let it go" in my head:)  (FROZEN)

3. I was walking in the street and a bird pooped on me and all over my bag!

4. The other day I let a little boy pick a sticker and her choose the American flag.  

5. While writing this letter people started cheering and yelling goal because Mexico is playing.... When dad told me what has been going on in the World Cup I laughed.... I live in Mexico dad it is all people talk about;)

6. We were riding in a bus to go somewhere and I got to listen to the US playing and they scored 2 goals while I was in the bus. 

What is something that you see every day that would surprise me?
* the amount of bugs...
* the trash in the street....
* everything.... :)))

How are the bites on your legs?  I have A WHOLE BUNCH. Did you every find out what they were? no]:(

Besides us, what do you miss the most? sleeping in and feeling loved by a family.

I love you all and remember that Heavenly Father answers prayers. 

Hermana Hickman