Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 49: I'm dreaming of a Hot Christmas:) average temp 91

Hola Everyone!
Best day this week?
 Friday a little boy named B... was baptized by one of our converts which was pretty amazing! The font only filled up 1/3 of the way but B... is super skinny. It all worked out, but there is no water here in Tapachula.

Tell us what happens when you do transfers....
Well my companion Hermana C.. was in Tuxtla so I was on a bus for six hours on Monday. When we got there it was time to sleep so we slept with some sisters in Tuxtla.  That night I could not sleep I was so nervous because when we arrived President pulled me aside and told me that my companion is super excited but does not have a lot of support from home and that she is a convert. He did not tell me who it was.... but the whole night I was stressed and could not sleep. The next day we had a meeting with President and they got us all excited to train and then they presented our new companions. My companions name is Hermana C...., she is from Mexico City and is a great little worker!

5 things that made you smile this week
1. Being so excited to train and after one day realizing how hard it is:) 
2. The Relief Society President walking home with us and telling us stories.
3. Everyone thinks my new companion is white too.
4. Remembering my first transfer in the mission.
5. The notes my companion leaves me in my scriptures and under my pillow.
6. Not knowing what to do without water.... lol 

How is Christmas in Tapachula different than in the US?
It is Crazy Hot, most people have fake trees which is sad. I miss the smell of Christmas trees.

How will most people celebrate Christmas?  How will you celebrate?
Members have invited us to eat Christmas Eve dinner with them, but I don´t know what else we will do... 

How are your investigators progressing?
We have some that are really ready to be baptized but I´m having a hard time having faith that we will find new people to teach. Our contacts went down only 82 contacts... My companion does not feel comfortable talking to people which I totally understand but it makes me sad when we don´t reach our goals

Sorry I don´t know anything about Christmas but on Saturday they are going to tell us. I love being a missionary! I love that I have a new companion that keeps me on my toes and that helps me be more obedient. I know that I´m training her for a reason. The work is really progressing here. We have a little old man named Moses and I just love him to death. His wife went to the temple with our ward this week and it was her first time. She felt the spirit so strong and told the bishop's wife, when she entered the temple " now I just need my husband for this moment to be perfect, he is going to be baptized soon! "  When she shared this experience in Gospel Principle's Class I just started to cry.  Moses was there and the teacher said how special when you both go to the temple to be sealed I lost it.  In that moment I realized that this was the reason I came on the mission was to help families be together forever. I don´t know how but in one year from know I  will try and return to Tapachula and see them sealed in the temple. Moses lived in Utah for 3 years and learned about the gospel there, but years and years have passed and missionaries and missionaries have passed but not until now with us did he make the choice to be baptized. I love the Gosple!!!! I love you all!

Hermana Hickman

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 48: The Bat is Back and NO water!

Hello Everyone!
 My week had some ups and downs but we had a baptism which was great and we have 6 people that are preparing to be baptized.  Our ward is a little bit of a mess right now and everyone is sad that my companion is leaving. I´m super nervous to train a new missionary because I still feel like one.... and it is going to take a lot of energy lol:) More then anything I excited I have a lot to learn. I know Heavenly Father will help me. Our bat came back to visit us in the house and we don´t have any water. So if you could pray for those two things that the bat leaves and the water comes I would be super grateful! Well I´m doing great I have days I´m sad and want to see you all but the people we are teaching are amazing and it makes me excited. I am excited to see you all in 18 days.

Did you have a hard time saying good bye to your companion?
well right now she is sitting next to me :) but it is going to be hard to say goodbye.

Has your Christmas package come yet? YES thank you

Has the weather changed? no it is just super, super hot and yesterday I felt my first earthquake.

I love you all and hope you know you are in my prayers! Thank you all for the prayers and love that you send my way the work of the Lord is amazing!!!! I love you all!
I love you ALL!
Hermana Hickman

Week 47: Lots to Smile about!

Hi Everyone!
Best day this week was Sunday because we had a stake missionary fireside, my companion talked because she is going home. youth that just received their calls talked and old people that have been home from their missions for more then 50 years. All of us missionaries in the stake sang the Army of Heleman in English and Spanish. It was really neat to feel the spirit.

5 things that made you smile?
1. We have gained the trust or our bishop... Little by little.
2. 7 people came to church.
3. We have a baptism for this Friday.
4. Forgetting completely it was Thanksgiving day.
5.  We completed the misiĆ³n numbers of excellence this week.

You mentioned you had an interview with your President, what do you talk about with him?  He asked me something that got to me hard. We sat down and he asked me," How can you be a better missionary?" In that moment I was humbled and realized I´m not yet done becoming who I want to be.

What is one good habit that you have developed as a missionary that you want to continue when you return home?
I have learned to think of other before myself, being worried about other people before myself. But I still have a lot to learn.

Pray hard this week I hope not to cry a lot but it will be hard to see my companion go home. She talks a lot about hugging her mom and it makes me so sad that I still have a long time to go. This week really has been amazing!  I have seen that God answers prayers; little things I ask for He always answers. I asked that we would find new people to teach this week because late week we only had 2 this week we had 9.

Hey mom THANK YOU! that is all I can say, when I read your letter peace came to my heart. I have been thinking about you a lot this week.  When we went to visit a home that has 3 kids and the dad is one of our converts.  We arrived and the 2nd oldest boy was bleeding in his ear... his mom hit him and she is very rough.... the Little boy has dyslexia and the mom is trying to teach him to read but she getting so mad that she hits him because she does not know he has dyslexia. I explained a little to her but I would love for you to write her a note about how hard it was for you. When I talked to her I told her everything and that you were the only one that had hope in me.  She tells her son that he can´t do it and that he is dumb. if you could just write a quick note about how hard it was for you I would love to read it to her. I will translate it. I just cried and cried when I talked to her because I told her my mom was the only person that had hope in me. Thank you for never giving up in my. I love you FOREVER!!!!  I love you all!

I love acts chapter 8 it is so true!
I love you all!!!! the church is SOOOOO TRUE

Hermana hickman