Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 42: Lots to smile about inspite of having Salmonella:)

Hi Everybody,
So what adventures have you had this week? Running in the rain so that we don´t get soaking wet:) I have Salmonella:(  I am not going to the doctor because when my companion went they took LOTS of her blood and it cost lots of money:(  Don't worry I am fine:) 

What 6 things made you smile?
1. My companion and I dancing in the grocery store because she liked the song that was on the radio.
2. A motorcycle tried to run me over really slowly on the edge of the road instead of driving in the center.
3. When my companion asked me about things in English and I don´t remember.
4. After planning one night I went straight to my bed and at 10:20 my companion asked me if I was going to change and put on PJ´s. It reminded me of The Best Two Years.
5. We took a long nap today:)


You were always very outgoing, but do you find that you have become more bold in your contacting? 
Yes, I feel like I can make friends with people I have only known for 4 minutes.

How many contacts do you make in a day? Is it scary to just go up to someone and talk with a stranger in Spanish about the church?
It depends on the day but our goal in 20 a day. I get nervous when it is a big group of people, but it is fun. We talk to nice people and mean people, but they are all the same to me because I don´t know what the bad words are:)

What service have you given this week? We try and help in the ways we can but we have a lot of sisters that get sad when we wash their dishes or try and help in their house

What is your favorite hymn and why?  Hymn # 50 in the Spanish hymn book which is Nearer My God to Thee.  Do you think you could send me a English hymn  book for Christmas. People ask me to sing them but I don´t remember English.
 What is your favorite scripture? I don´t have a favorite I feel like they all speak to me and help me. I  have been reading in Mosiah 12 and it has helped me see things I can do better as a missionary.
 This week we taught the Plan of Salvation a lot and every time we teach it  I realize how blessed I am to know about this plan. One thing that I have learned and has caused me to want to prepare more is that in the other two degrees terrestial and telestial we will not be able to be with our families. We will be searching but we will be in a crowd of millions that we don´t know.... how sad. I know that our family will be together forever! Lets keep working for that goal, I love you all:) You're in my daily prayers and I send my love, I know the church is true! My mission has changed me! I hope to continue to change and become what Heavenly Father expects and wants of me! We are his hands so Serve:) I love you ALL!
Hermana Hickman

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 41: flying cockroaches, pretending to be married, soccer in the rain!

Hello Everyone:)

How are your investigators progressing?  We have a few that are progressing... and some that are progressing slowly... our baptism this week fell through. The women has some problems and has to wait three weeks for President to come here to talk to her.

Tell us about your best day this week?  Why was it so awesome? EVERY day is amazing here, I could not be more happy. I love being a missionary!

How often do you feel earthquakes? about 2 a week .... but I sleep through most of them:) 

6 things that made you smile this week?
1. There is a young man that is in our ward that speaks English but spent two years in England and he spoke with a British accent and thought I was going to die and go to heaven.
2. There are missionaries here that I played against on my soccer traveling team, and a guy that threw in high school  track that I have meet before..
3. One day we got home and there were like 15 cockroaches in our house and they started to fly.... our leader of districto called us and I answered, but I was screaming. He started to laugh at us and told us to call him back later.
4. I got athletes foot this week and could hardly walk.... it was fun to try and walk and have people look at me like I was crazy... Mom don´t worry I´m all better now.
5. I played soccer while my companion cut the hair of a member.  I played with the little boys and dad and it was pouring, pouring rain.... we were losing but I told the dad (they are the family that was baptized about 3 weeks ago and we call them mom and dad) the next goal wins and then I scored a goal:)
6. This same man, the convert blessed the sacrament this week I started to happy cry because they have really progressed in the gospel!
7. Missionaries of other churches try to tell us we are wrong and that the Book of Mormon is not the word of God..... when they have not even read it.
8. I tell all the creepy old men I´m married with the ring that mom gave me... thanks mom for saving me from millions of 40 year old men:) 
How do you think you will be different after your mission? In every way! I know for myself that the church is true!

I love you all:) the church is SOOOO true and if you don´t know for yourself.... check it out!

Hermana Hickman 


Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 40: "Life is great on the misión..... I find myself happy all the time!"

So how is the work in Tapachula?  what have you been doing to hasten the work this week?  Tell us about some of the people you are teaching?
There is so much work here. We have plans to have a baptism this Saturday and the next! We are teaching someone named E...: he is from Salvador but he spent some time in the USA. He tries to speak English with me but I just smile because I don´t understand what he is saying. He lives in the street and no one wants to give him work but the members are helping!

Tell us about the rain?  I read that you got 17 inches in September...that is crazy!  Do you get wet EVERY day?
 It rained a lot this week. We came home at the end of the day really wet 4 days this week! 

Which of your gifts do you use the most as a missionary? 
The gift to talk and smile at people I have  never met...I have seen my patriarchal blessing come true, and my personality has helped to open doors.

What 5 things made you smile?
1. I killed a whole bunch of cockroaches this week
2. We did zumba with a sister in the ward this morning.
3. An investigator invited us to play basketball with him in the park at 6 in the morning and I told the investigator that story about ¨how the NBA was looking for my brother¨ Joke from Melanie's brother
4. Our investigator M... who was baptized this week. He called us on Friday morning the morning of his interview and told us he was not going to be baptized. We went to visit him and read scriptures with him and helped him realize he was ready. He said the elders are not going to come to interview me though....  I picked up the pone and called the Elders and said come quick:)
5.Right now I´m going to go play soccer with some little kids!

Share a time that you were directed by the spirit this week?
 We talked with a man named R... his wife is a member and he has had year and years listening to the missionaries.... I felt something very special when I meet him.... I gave him a good talk this week but we will see how it goes!

Best lesson?
 We have had some great lessons but I can´t pick a favorite. I love our little convert family because everytime we visit them they have questions. They are so faithful. The dad has a huge amount of work but he continues to make time for the Lord.

Where are you studying in the scriptures right now?
Mosiah 5 or 6

Are the members very accepting of you even though you are a gringo?   Do people still stare at you when you are in the streets?  
ooooooooooooooooh yes they yell guerra and cat call and make me mad almost every day.  
Are they surprised that you can actually speak Spanish?  Yes

What keeps you going when you have a disappointing or hard day?
I almost never get disappointed, because I know that everything is part of the Plan God has for me.

Life is great on the misión..... I find myself happy all the time!

I love you all sorry I got to go play soccer:)

I love you all you are in my prayers!

Hermana Hickman

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 39: Half Way, Signing in Spanish, Elder Bednar's talk

So how was your week?
Amazing! We had a lot of sucess this week and completed almost every number goal we had.

Did you get to listen to conference? 
Conference was great! I got to see all 4 sessions. I think, I liked Saturday afternoon session the best.

Did you have a favorite talk? Yes but I don´t remember his name. He spoke about two talks before Elder Holland.

5 things that made you smile?
1. My companion had to give blood and I almost passed out watching. I remembered the story of dad when mom was having Natalie
2. We listened to the  songs on my companions music player and I danced around the house.
3. One of our investigators called the bishop, ¨pastor ¨
4.  Elder Scott pre- recorded his talk in Spanish. It was nice to hear his voice. I missed their voice because someone else talks for all of them.
5. The talks given in Spanish. 

Best lesson this week?  How many lessons did you teach?
We taught 30 lessons, my favorite was with our deaf investigator. She is amazing and I feel like the spirit always speaks through me. When I think before hand what we will say I can´t think of any signs, but when we get there my hands start talking:)

How much English are you speaking each day?  Do you dream in Spanish?
 NONE.... I don´t remember how to spell anything.... my people don´t speak English so I don´t.

Share a time that you felt the spirit this week:
 We were in the last session of conference when Elder Bednar spoke and said his talk was for non-members. No one had arrived at this session and we were sad, but when Elder Bednar said this talk is for them, I said a little pray that R... would come.I felt the spirit rush over me and I knew she was there.... after the conference we looked for her and could not find her... I was sad and wondered why I felt like she was there, when all of the suden my companion said there she is..... she came and was sitting in the back rows. 

Do you feel safe?  Are you ever in danger?
We are ok don´t worry Heavenly Father is protecting us. I will tell you all the stories someday:)

Share some insights from your zone meetings.
President George shared with us in a meeting Mathew 22 and it talks about the temple garment. It is super neat!

Oh how I love the misson I´m sad to say that more then half has come and gone. I feel blessed to serve the Lord daily! I know my Savior lives
Well that is all folks! I hope you alll have a great week and know how much I love you! 

Hermana Hickman