Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 49: I'm dreaming of a Hot Christmas:) average temp 91

Hola Everyone!
Best day this week?
 Friday a little boy named B... was baptized by one of our converts which was pretty amazing! The font only filled up 1/3 of the way but B... is super skinny. It all worked out, but there is no water here in Tapachula.

Tell us what happens when you do transfers....
Well my companion Hermana C.. was in Tuxtla so I was on a bus for six hours on Monday. When we got there it was time to sleep so we slept with some sisters in Tuxtla.  That night I could not sleep I was so nervous because when we arrived President pulled me aside and told me that my companion is super excited but does not have a lot of support from home and that she is a convert. He did not tell me who it was.... but the whole night I was stressed and could not sleep. The next day we had a meeting with President and they got us all excited to train and then they presented our new companions. My companions name is Hermana C...., she is from Mexico City and is a great little worker!

5 things that made you smile this week
1. Being so excited to train and after one day realizing how hard it is:) 
2. The Relief Society President walking home with us and telling us stories.
3. Everyone thinks my new companion is white too.
4. Remembering my first transfer in the mission.
5. The notes my companion leaves me in my scriptures and under my pillow.
6. Not knowing what to do without water.... lol 

How is Christmas in Tapachula different than in the US?
It is Crazy Hot, most people have fake trees which is sad. I miss the smell of Christmas trees.

How will most people celebrate Christmas?  How will you celebrate?
Members have invited us to eat Christmas Eve dinner with them, but I don´t know what else we will do... 

How are your investigators progressing?
We have some that are really ready to be baptized but I´m having a hard time having faith that we will find new people to teach. Our contacts went down only 82 contacts... My companion does not feel comfortable talking to people which I totally understand but it makes me sad when we don´t reach our goals

Sorry I don´t know anything about Christmas but on Saturday they are going to tell us. I love being a missionary! I love that I have a new companion that keeps me on my toes and that helps me be more obedient. I know that I´m training her for a reason. The work is really progressing here. We have a little old man named Moses and I just love him to death. His wife went to the temple with our ward this week and it was her first time. She felt the spirit so strong and told the bishop's wife, when she entered the temple " now I just need my husband for this moment to be perfect, he is going to be baptized soon! "  When she shared this experience in Gospel Principle's Class I just started to cry.  Moses was there and the teacher said how special when you both go to the temple to be sealed I lost it.  In that moment I realized that this was the reason I came on the mission was to help families be together forever. I don´t know how but in one year from know I  will try and return to Tapachula and see them sealed in the temple. Moses lived in Utah for 3 years and learned about the gospel there, but years and years have passed and missionaries and missionaries have passed but not until now with us did he make the choice to be baptized. I love the Gosple!!!! I love you all!

Hermana Hickman

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 48: The Bat is Back and NO water!

Hello Everyone!
 My week had some ups and downs but we had a baptism which was great and we have 6 people that are preparing to be baptized.  Our ward is a little bit of a mess right now and everyone is sad that my companion is leaving. I´m super nervous to train a new missionary because I still feel like one.... and it is going to take a lot of energy lol:) More then anything I excited I have a lot to learn. I know Heavenly Father will help me. Our bat came back to visit us in the house and we don´t have any water. So if you could pray for those two things that the bat leaves and the water comes I would be super grateful! Well I´m doing great I have days I´m sad and want to see you all but the people we are teaching are amazing and it makes me excited. I am excited to see you all in 18 days.

Did you have a hard time saying good bye to your companion?
well right now she is sitting next to me :) but it is going to be hard to say goodbye.

Has your Christmas package come yet? YES thank you

Has the weather changed? no it is just super, super hot and yesterday I felt my first earthquake.

I love you all and hope you know you are in my prayers! Thank you all for the prayers and love that you send my way the work of the Lord is amazing!!!! I love you all!
I love you ALL!
Hermana Hickman

Week 47: Lots to Smile about!

Hi Everyone!
Best day this week was Sunday because we had a stake missionary fireside, my companion talked because she is going home. youth that just received their calls talked and old people that have been home from their missions for more then 50 years. All of us missionaries in the stake sang the Army of Heleman in English and Spanish. It was really neat to feel the spirit.

5 things that made you smile?
1. We have gained the trust or our bishop... Little by little.
2. 7 people came to church.
3. We have a baptism for this Friday.
4. Forgetting completely it was Thanksgiving day.
5.  We completed the misión numbers of excellence this week.

You mentioned you had an interview with your President, what do you talk about with him?  He asked me something that got to me hard. We sat down and he asked me," How can you be a better missionary?" In that moment I was humbled and realized I´m not yet done becoming who I want to be.

What is one good habit that you have developed as a missionary that you want to continue when you return home?
I have learned to think of other before myself, being worried about other people before myself. But I still have a lot to learn.

Pray hard this week I hope not to cry a lot but it will be hard to see my companion go home. She talks a lot about hugging her mom and it makes me so sad that I still have a long time to go. This week really has been amazing!  I have seen that God answers prayers; little things I ask for He always answers. I asked that we would find new people to teach this week because late week we only had 2 this week we had 9.

Hey mom THANK YOU! that is all I can say, when I read your letter peace came to my heart. I have been thinking about you a lot this week.  When we went to visit a home that has 3 kids and the dad is one of our converts.  We arrived and the 2nd oldest boy was bleeding in his ear... his mom hit him and she is very rough.... the Little boy has dyslexia and the mom is trying to teach him to read but she getting so mad that she hits him because she does not know he has dyslexia. I explained a little to her but I would love for you to write her a note about how hard it was for you. When I talked to her I told her everything and that you were the only one that had hope in me.  She tells her son that he can´t do it and that he is dumb. if you could just write a quick note about how hard it was for you I would love to read it to her. I will translate it. I just cried and cried when I talked to her because I told her my mom was the only person that had hope in me. Thank you for never giving up in my. I love you FOREVER!!!!  I love you all!

I love acts chapter 8 it is so true!
I love you all!!!! the church is SOOOOO TRUE

Hermana hickman

Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 46:Busy and Happy...30 lessons and 141 contacts

Hi Family and Friends,
Questions for the week:

Share a tender mercy:
8 people came to church this week. It was a miracle that we were not even expecting. We have had more then 30 lessons this week and 141 contacts, we are working hard. Sometimes we get stressed because there is so many people to visit but we continue to work with those that are progressing. I love being a missionary and stressing about the souls of other people. I´m thankful for my faith that has grown in the mission.

Describe a scene that you often see that you think would surprise me:
The people that vend things in the street. The people that pass by in the street on their bikes to take out people´s garbage... you have to pay them.                                                                                                          If you had not chosen to serve a mission what would you have missed?
Everything... I would miss Spanish. I love speaking Spanish.                                                                                                                                                       Share 6 things that made you smile and 2 things that made you laugh:
1.The Primary program
2. President interviewing me and falling asleep because he was so tired
3. Seeing the members take care of our investigators when they came to church
4. Drinking things that when I arrived in the mission I refused to drink
5. 31 days until we talk
6. I did not remember that Thanksgiving this week
1. One of our converts bought us a hammock
2. In the back of a small car and everyone told me my legs could reach the top of the car
 Do you remember the 1st week in Tuxtla? What has changed the most since that week?
I remember it like it was yesterday. The change is that I now understand what the people are saying and that I don´t cry wanting to go home, and the way the people live is my way of life now.
I love you all and so thankful for a wonderful family, give hugs to everyone.  I love you!
I love you all Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Hermana Hickman

Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 45: Giving blood, picking fruit Mexico style:)

Hola Everyone:)
Best day this week?
Tuesday was the best day this week. We had a lot of success and went from lesson to lesson.  More then anything I felt the Spirit super strong as we got to talk about family history.

The Stressful question...What 5 things made you smile?
1. I gave blood for the first time and did not pass out and I got a shot in the other arm.
2. My companion asked me how to say something in English and I repeated the word in Spanish thinking it was the name in English
3. A family of 4 on one motorcycle
4. Going in a taxi at 110 miles/hour
5. Receiving a blessing in English

Since it is Thanksgiving this month name 5 more things that you are thankful for ( different than the ones mentioned last week).

1. The power of prayer
2. Trials and when Heavenly Father takes his time answering my prayers because he wants me to learn patience.
3. The temple
4. Repentance
5. email so that I can write my family

How are your prayers different? 

I actual talk with my Heavenly Father and tell him what is in my heart.... 

What was your very first thought this morning when you woke up?  What was your last thought before you fell asleep last night?
I had a strange dream.... what was it?
I say good night to everyone in the family and say I love you good night and I can´t sleep until I do it... :)

I read that you have 96 sisters in your mission, the most of any other Mexico mission except one. What impresses you about the sister missionaries in your mission? there are so many great sisters here and the work has really hastened with all the work they are doing  


Favorite meal this week? 

Beans with a pan cooked chicken

Earthquakes? no

I'm not sure were to start sometimes I feel like I´m in shock that I´m here in Mexico there are so many things that are different.... no everything is different. I worry about the day I return because I have accepted the culture as my own. My health is fine there is nothing to worry about.  To tell you the truth it has made me a lot stronger because giving blood and getting shots and is something that has always given me fear, but I know I can handle it..... pretty much missionary strong... lol jk

I love you all:)

Hermana Hickman

Week 44: Very sick and sweet miracles

Hey Everybody,
Sorry I can´t write much we are writing late because I have been sick all day. Last night I threw up all night but I seem to be doing better now. I know the Lord will bless me when I forget myself and keep working.. The Relief Society President make me vegetable soup and one of the counselors of the bishop gave me a blessing. I don´t mean to worry you and I don´t know if you like when I tell you but I feel your prayers when you know what is going on in my life.
I bought my camera for 60 dollars
 Well this week we had many miracles I was really stressed because we did not have any new investigators on Thursday of this week and I was praying really hard that we would find new people to teach. Heavenly Father answered our prayers and we found new people to teach that really seem interested! We meet people that let us come into there house after knowing them for 2 minutes we met a man that has such a sad life and just started crying when we started talking to him. We also had 5 people that came to church which was amazing!
Family you sound so great it gives motivation every day to work to represent our family I love that our family is growing fast and hope you know I pray for each of you by name every night.  I love you all so much and know you are here with me, please send prayers of health my way:)
We had a fun experience to talking with a man that is from another church. He took us to a home of people that he was teaching and tried argue with us for about our church.  It was fun. I know the church is true and there is not a doubt in my mind and heart that the church has been restored and that God lives!!!!
I love you all so much:) XOXOXOX
Hermana Hickman para siempre:)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 43:Dia de muertos, 154 contacts, broken refrigerator:(

Hi Everyone:
So how was your week?  Great we had a lot of sucess this week and little by little we are finding people that are ready to be baptized. It was super cool this week on Saturday we had a lot of contacts that we needed to do to reach our goal of 140. On Saturday we contacted 52 people we were so happy. The mission goal is that at least 4 people come to church only 3 people came we were pretty sad that all of our goals were' nt going to be met. When we went to eat lunch with the members they told us that there was an investigator at church that we did not know.  We were so happy and completed the mission goals of excellence this week:)

Share 5 things that you are thankful for:
1. To have the opportunity to serve a mission.
2. To have the Book of Mormon in my life.
3. To have a family that all of them are members of the Church.
4. To know the plan God has for me.
5. For my amazing companion Sister H!

Share 5 things that made you smile:
Everything makes me smile... this question stresses me out!
1. We have a little boy we are teaching that just loves going to church and reminds us when his baptism is when we visit with him.
2. Dia de muertos or Halloween here is crazy the people visit the graveyards and have a party.
3. Our convert family bore their testimonies at church.
4. Being able to fall asleep in 2 secs when my head hits the pillow.
5, My companion and I went to town this week so she could pick out a dress to go home in and I tried on a couple of things and realized I liked my old missionary worn out clothes better:)

Best lesson this week? With the little boy B.. he listens to us and learns so fast .He wants to be baptized and tells us how many more Sundays he needs before he is baptized.

Any earthquakes? yes but they are when i´m sleeping so I don´t feel anything.

After being sick is it hard to eat?
 I´m feeling a lot better but now our refrigerator does not work so we can´t buy food:)
Share a time that you felt the spirit guide you:
We did not have time to visit a women that lived far away so we decided to visit a man that is preparing to be baptized. When we visited him his ¨girlfriend¨was visiting him and they had just had a huge fight. The woman started to cry. I know that it was not an accident that we visited them that night:)

How has your mission prepared you for marriage and being a mother?
Being a missionary has helped me really know what I want in a husband.  I want my husband to love the Lord more then he Loves me. I feel like I have changed so much that it is crazy. I feel like hearing people's problems and worries and all the bad things that are passing through their lives has helped me prepare to listen to my children and forget the problems I might have.

How has your testimony grown this week?
I know now that Heavenly Father knows us personally and that he understands and knows our hearts, I know that His Son went through a lot so that I can have someone to talk to every night when I kneel down to pray. I could not be happier to be a missionary! i feel blessed to know more about His restored gospel.
 Love you ALL!
Hermana Hickman

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 42: Lots to smile about inspite of having Salmonella:)

Hi Everybody,
So what adventures have you had this week? Running in the rain so that we don´t get soaking wet:) I have Salmonella:(  I am not going to the doctor because when my companion went they took LOTS of her blood and it cost lots of money:(  Don't worry I am fine:) 

What 6 things made you smile?
1. My companion and I dancing in the grocery store because she liked the song that was on the radio.
2. A motorcycle tried to run me over really slowly on the edge of the road instead of driving in the center.
3. When my companion asked me about things in English and I don´t remember.
4. After planning one night I went straight to my bed and at 10:20 my companion asked me if I was going to change and put on PJ´s. It reminded me of The Best Two Years.
5. We took a long nap today:)


You were always very outgoing, but do you find that you have become more bold in your contacting? 
Yes, I feel like I can make friends with people I have only known for 4 minutes.

How many contacts do you make in a day? Is it scary to just go up to someone and talk with a stranger in Spanish about the church?
It depends on the day but our goal in 20 a day. I get nervous when it is a big group of people, but it is fun. We talk to nice people and mean people, but they are all the same to me because I don´t know what the bad words are:)

What service have you given this week? We try and help in the ways we can but we have a lot of sisters that get sad when we wash their dishes or try and help in their house

What is your favorite hymn and why?  Hymn # 50 in the Spanish hymn book which is Nearer My God to Thee.  Do you think you could send me a English hymn  book for Christmas. People ask me to sing them but I don´t remember English.
 What is your favorite scripture? I don´t have a favorite I feel like they all speak to me and help me. I  have been reading in Mosiah 12 and it has helped me see things I can do better as a missionary.
 This week we taught the Plan of Salvation a lot and every time we teach it  I realize how blessed I am to know about this plan. One thing that I have learned and has caused me to want to prepare more is that in the other two degrees terrestial and telestial we will not be able to be with our families. We will be searching but we will be in a crowd of millions that we don´t know.... how sad. I know that our family will be together forever! Lets keep working for that goal, I love you all:) You're in my daily prayers and I send my love, I know the church is true! My mission has changed me! I hope to continue to change and become what Heavenly Father expects and wants of me! We are his hands so Serve:) I love you ALL!
Hermana Hickman

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 41: flying cockroaches, pretending to be married, soccer in the rain!

Hello Everyone:)

How are your investigators progressing?  We have a few that are progressing... and some that are progressing slowly... our baptism this week fell through. The women has some problems and has to wait three weeks for President to come here to talk to her.

Tell us about your best day this week?  Why was it so awesome? EVERY day is amazing here, I could not be more happy. I love being a missionary!

How often do you feel earthquakes? about 2 a week .... but I sleep through most of them:) 

6 things that made you smile this week?
1. There is a young man that is in our ward that speaks English but spent two years in England and he spoke with a British accent and thought I was going to die and go to heaven.
2. There are missionaries here that I played against on my soccer traveling team, and a guy that threw in high school  track that I have meet before..
3. One day we got home and there were like 15 cockroaches in our house and they started to fly.... our leader of districto called us and I answered, but I was screaming. He started to laugh at us and told us to call him back later.
4. I got athletes foot this week and could hardly walk.... it was fun to try and walk and have people look at me like I was crazy... Mom don´t worry I´m all better now.
5. I played soccer while my companion cut the hair of a member.  I played with the little boys and dad and it was pouring, pouring rain.... we were losing but I told the dad (they are the family that was baptized about 3 weeks ago and we call them mom and dad) the next goal wins and then I scored a goal:)
6. This same man, the convert blessed the sacrament this week I started to happy cry because they have really progressed in the gospel!
7. Missionaries of other churches try to tell us we are wrong and that the Book of Mormon is not the word of God..... when they have not even read it.
8. I tell all the creepy old men I´m married with the ring that mom gave me... thanks mom for saving me from millions of 40 year old men:) 
How do you think you will be different after your mission? In every way! I know for myself that the church is true!

I love you all:) the church is SOOOO true and if you don´t know for yourself.... check it out!

Hermana Hickman 


Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 40: "Life is great on the misión..... I find myself happy all the time!"

So how is the work in Tapachula?  what have you been doing to hasten the work this week?  Tell us about some of the people you are teaching?
There is so much work here. We have plans to have a baptism this Saturday and the next! We are teaching someone named E...: he is from Salvador but he spent some time in the USA. He tries to speak English with me but I just smile because I don´t understand what he is saying. He lives in the street and no one wants to give him work but the members are helping!

Tell us about the rain?  I read that you got 17 inches in September...that is crazy!  Do you get wet EVERY day?
 It rained a lot this week. We came home at the end of the day really wet 4 days this week! 

Which of your gifts do you use the most as a missionary? 
The gift to talk and smile at people I have  never met...I have seen my patriarchal blessing come true, and my personality has helped to open doors.

What 5 things made you smile?
1. I killed a whole bunch of cockroaches this week
2. We did zumba with a sister in the ward this morning.
3. An investigator invited us to play basketball with him in the park at 6 in the morning and I told the investigator that story about ¨how the NBA was looking for my brother¨ Joke from Melanie's brother
4. Our investigator M... who was baptized this week. He called us on Friday morning the morning of his interview and told us he was not going to be baptized. We went to visit him and read scriptures with him and helped him realize he was ready. He said the elders are not going to come to interview me though....  I picked up the pone and called the Elders and said come quick:)
5.Right now I´m going to go play soccer with some little kids!

Share a time that you were directed by the spirit this week?
 We talked with a man named R... his wife is a member and he has had year and years listening to the missionaries.... I felt something very special when I meet him.... I gave him a good talk this week but we will see how it goes!

Best lesson?
 We have had some great lessons but I can´t pick a favorite. I love our little convert family because everytime we visit them they have questions. They are so faithful. The dad has a huge amount of work but he continues to make time for the Lord.

Where are you studying in the scriptures right now?
Mosiah 5 or 6

Are the members very accepting of you even though you are a gringo?   Do people still stare at you when you are in the streets?  
ooooooooooooooooh yes they yell guerra and cat call and make me mad almost every day.  
Are they surprised that you can actually speak Spanish?  Yes

What keeps you going when you have a disappointing or hard day?
I almost never get disappointed, because I know that everything is part of the Plan God has for me.

Life is great on the misión..... I find myself happy all the time!

I love you all sorry I got to go play soccer:)

I love you all you are in my prayers!

Hermana Hickman

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 39: Half Way, Signing in Spanish, Elder Bednar's talk

So how was your week?
Amazing! We had a lot of sucess this week and completed almost every number goal we had.

Did you get to listen to conference? 
Conference was great! I got to see all 4 sessions. I think, I liked Saturday afternoon session the best.

Did you have a favorite talk? Yes but I don´t remember his name. He spoke about two talks before Elder Holland.

5 things that made you smile?
1. My companion had to give blood and I almost passed out watching. I remembered the story of dad when mom was having Natalie
2. We listened to the  songs on my companions music player and I danced around the house.
3. One of our investigators called the bishop, ¨pastor ¨
4.  Elder Scott pre- recorded his talk in Spanish. It was nice to hear his voice. I missed their voice because someone else talks for all of them.
5. The talks given in Spanish. 

Best lesson this week?  How many lessons did you teach?
We taught 30 lessons, my favorite was with our deaf investigator. She is amazing and I feel like the spirit always speaks through me. When I think before hand what we will say I can´t think of any signs, but when we get there my hands start talking:)

How much English are you speaking each day?  Do you dream in Spanish?
 NONE.... I don´t remember how to spell anything.... my people don´t speak English so I don´t.

Share a time that you felt the spirit this week:
 We were in the last session of conference when Elder Bednar spoke and said his talk was for non-members. No one had arrived at this session and we were sad, but when Elder Bednar said this talk is for them, I said a little pray that R... would come.I felt the spirit rush over me and I knew she was there.... after the conference we looked for her and could not find her... I was sad and wondered why I felt like she was there, when all of the suden my companion said there she is..... she came and was sitting in the back rows. 

Do you feel safe?  Are you ever in danger?
We are ok don´t worry Heavenly Father is protecting us. I will tell you all the stories someday:)

Share some insights from your zone meetings.
President George shared with us in a meeting Mathew 22 and it talks about the temple garment. It is super neat!

Oh how I love the misson I´m sad to say that more then half has come and gone. I feel blessed to serve the Lord daily! I know my Savior lives
Well that is all folks! I hope you alll have a great week and know how much I love you! 

Hermana Hickman 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 38: Baptism brownies, teaching a deaf woman

How has your testimony been strengthened this week?  How has your testimony of the atonement changed since you have been a missionary? 
One day this week my companion and I had some struggles and I felt so bad.  It was a hard day but we forgave each other and I felt whole again.  I got to feel that the Atonement can clean us of every mistake. Realizing that every day I have the chance to be better, and that it depends on my efforts. He will do the rest.

What 5 things made you smile?
1. I made brownies for the baptism and they got a Little burnt, but the members eat every drop. They were eating out of the pan because they liked them so much. They asked me for the récipe and I told them they are from a box.
3.  A P-day nap for 45 minutes today.  It felt soooooo good.
4. Listening to the Nik Day LDS songs that my companion has on her music player.
5. That it is boiling hot during the day, but then in the afternoon it rains really hard and we get soaking wet.  
6. We are teaching a deaf women and she is amazing. It has been a neat experience my companion understands her hand actions and somehow I´m able to talk to her. We make a great team and it is amazing to feel Heavenly Father speak through us. (I have been thinking about maybe studying sign language when I get home.)

Favorite thing about being a missionary this week?
 Seeing our numbers at the end of the week and knowing that we have been working super hard.

Do you ride the buses a lot in this area or do you walk? 
We walk

How far it is to church? about 15 or 20 minutes

Do you have other missionaries in your ward? yes 2 elders

What will you miss the most when you return home?
I will miss speaking Spanish and how loving the sisters are.

How are you feeling?  
I like this question.... good and bad I love being a missionary but it is passing by so fast.  I want to change more, but the change is going really slow.

When do you feel the closest to the Savior?
 When we sing hymns or when we are teaching and I realize that the ideas leaving our mouths are not ours.

I love you all so much. I know the church is true. I know that Jesús Christ lives and that He expects us to give this life all we´ve got.  I know I have a lot more to give and that I need to change who I am.  I´m thankful for the hope I have through my Savior. I know that he is at my side to help me find out who I am and help me reach my potential. I know he has grand plans for each of us. I hope all is well I love you all and pray for you every day! May God be with you until we meet again!

Hermana Hickman

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 37: I love Tapachula! Aging? no hablo English:)

Hi All!
Were you alone on the bus to Tapachula or did you go with other missionaries?
No there was about 7 of us one of my old companions

Who is your new companion?  Where is she from? and how long has she been out?  what are you enjoying most about her?
Sister H... she is from Tijuana, Mexico. She only has 2 transfers left on her misión. She is AMAZING! I love her to death and every minute of every day we are laughing and smiling.

Tell us about your new area.  How is Tapachula different than Tuxtla?  What do you like best?
 Our área is like 5 or 6 or 7 miles long. It is super hot and rains a lot. In Tapachula we almost never get our mail until way late and we don´t have very many things like books of Mormon and cards to contact people.

What 5 things made you smile this week?
1.My district leader is Johnny´s (a good family friend) twin but for REAL.
2. One of my first contacts was a man from Africa and he only speaks English.  We taught him in the park today and I could not remember English.
3. People have told me I look like I´m 29 years old.
4. My first lesson  here there were 2 rats in the house:)
5. Our misión leader has a moto with a cart in front. When he went on visits with us we rode in the cart.
6. We have a bat in our back yard that enters our house sometimes (I´m not going to send pics of our house to you mom ever.... :))))
7. My companion for something different every day!!!!!

I noticed on the map that you are now very close to Guatemala border.  Do you interact with Guatemalans ? 

How was your new ward?  How many members?
  148 members came to church this week. This Sunday was their first week in there new chapel. It is soooo pretty.... prettier then any chapel in the United states......!!!!!!! The members are super sweet!

Do you have a big teaching pool or are you starting from ground zero?
No we have a whole bunch and we have a family that is going to be baptized this Saturday!

Wow everyone Í don´t know where to start.... I have had any amazing week and it seems crazy that I´m on the down hill of my mission. I hope it never ends. Thank you for the many prayers.... they sure have helped. I love you all! The church is true and the book is blue!

Thank you so much for worrying about me. I´m doing great! I want to thank you both for your examples sometimes we have to help old married people because there don´t get along but I always come up with things to say because of all you have taught me. I love you both SOOOOOO much and think about you often but please know I´m super happy! I learned something this week as we were teaching about the Plan of Salvation and I told the investigator that we needed to be away from the presence of God to learn things and for our faith to grow.  It hit me that I´m doing the same on the mission, I´m away from you both but I´m learning so much!
I love you All!

Hermana HIckman