Not sure where to start this week..... It is crazy hot here which is....GREAT:) It makes walking for hours really fun! We have been working really hard this week. We had 28 lessons and 160 street contacts. It is incredible what the Lord can do when you dedicate your time to him. We have an investigator named P... that we contacted. He is amazing! He prayed to know if this is the right church and he read the Book of Mormon and he said I feel like it is true and then he came to church the next day.

 Zone conference was good this month we got to watch the dedication of the Mexico Mission Training Center dedication. It was really cool.The work is moving forward!!!! 

Tell us about a typical day in your life.....
Wake up at 6:30 or around there... this is the hardest part of the day:)
Do exercises alone in the house, my companion does not like to exercise.
7:00 am I get ready for the day and eat breakfast
8:00 am personal study as much as possible in Spanish
9:00 am companion study, we go over what we are going to teach each person 
10:00 am training because I'm still in my first 12 weeks,  my companion trains me
11:00 am study Spanish 
12:00 pm leave the house FINALLY to work visit investigators
2:00 pm eat lunch with members 
3:00 pm work, work, work (visit less actives, investigators, contact people, service)
9:00 pm return home, pray, plan for the next day, eat dinner, shower and then it is finally time to sleep. 
( Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have meetings) 

What made you smile this week? Well I happy cried when our investigator A....... gave the sweetest pray. I realized the progress of one of God´s children and the importance of prayer.

Favorite meal this week: I love all the food the sisters in our ward cook. The rice here is incredible and we had this chicken and vegetable thing that was amazing!

How do you cool off? To tell you the truth there is nothing we can do. It cools down in the night time. 

 Do you have warm water or do you take cold showers? Only cold water I will show pictures  of the apartment next week.

My Spanish was so good this week I when I....... had the patience to conjugate the verb correctly instead of not trying:) 

When you are feeling discouraged what do you do? This week I had a amazing experience it was Saturday night, we had started to fast and it had been a long day. My companion was getting ready for bed. I took the opportunity to knee in prayer and talk out loud to my Heavenly Father. I cried and cried, I felt like I could not do any more and I needed help. I was worried about our investigator not coming to church and I missed my family so much. I went to bed not feeling much different, but in church we had 3 investigators come, two of them came by themselves and we brought J.... with us. It was testimony meeting and I did not feel I needed to share my testimony but then I realized that three of Heavenly Father's special children had come to church and I needed to share what I knew with them. I got up and gave a 2 min testimony but I testified that I knew God lives and that if I did not know I would not be so far away from my family and in a place that I didn't know how to talk if  I did not know the church was true!!!
I am doing well.... sorry it is short this week my comp said we need to go.
Love you all!
Hermana Hickman