Hola Family!
Wow 4 months.... where did they go? Not sure where to start... this week had some downs but Dios siempre gives us miracles. One of our investigators A... had a baptism date for this Saturday but we found it needed to be postponed. J... the 14 year old boy wrote us a note that he does not want us to visit any more.  Now for the miracles,  one of our investigators  named D is great he has a close relationship with God but he has a lot of doubts about our church. We invited him to pray that night at 10:20 pm and that we would pray at the same time. The next day we asked him how it went and he said he feels that what we told him was true. We hope he will continue to progress.

Have you learned about any cool Book of Mormon ruins? They are close by but, I have not seen them. It is neat to talk about the Book of Mormon here because we can reference the ruins and people instantly have interest in the Book of Mormon. 

What do you love about your companion? I´m learning to love when she corrects my Spanish.... at first I was frustrated but I realize she is just trying to help. She knows her Bible and Book of Mormon like no other.

How big is your ward?  Do you teach any classes on Sunday? 95 people came to church on Sunday.... sometimes we teach Gospel Principles class.

Share a tender mercy from this week?  I got to work with a little girl how has dyslexia this week and I realized the hand Dios in my life. It brought back a lot of really sad memories about how hard it was as I tried to help this little girl who is in the 1 or 2 grade. I realized that Heavenly Father has helped me learn how to read and has helped me get into BYU and helped me while at BYU. The other miracle of this week is that we are teaching a investigator who is addicted to drugs and alcohol.  He called us this morning and asked us to come talk to him. He has so many questions. It feels good to help people that want to change.

What made you smile this week? When I tricked my companion into running to the market to buy her favorite food during exercises in the morning!

When you street contacting how do you start a conversation? How many this week? 105 contacts this week..... perdon usted sabe donde es la calle 20 de novembre..... oh gracias es que yo no soy de aqui encontes no se donde es todo..... podemos dar una tarjeta... nosotros somos misioneras y compiamos un mensaje de jesucristo con todos los personas usted le gusta en otro momento nosotros pasamos y compartimos esta mens con usted..... (not everything is spelled right)

Hermana Hickman