Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 27: Jicama, New Mission President, the gift of tongues:)

Hola Everyone,

Top 5 things that made you smile:)

1. A recent convert a 70 year old man always companions us.  He can never say my name and calls me his white girl.  One day I practiced my name  with him for a long time and he kept calling me jicama which is a fruit.

2. I met President George and Sister George.  I love my president, he is the cutest man. I called him the other day to receive permission to call the doctor for my companion. When I called I started speaking Spanish, but when he realized who I was he started talking in English. He is sooo sweet.

3.We have a new investigator who is from Texas. When we first met her I felt such peace .  We were speaking Spanish but to know she was from somewhere near my house I felt such peace.  

4. When we were with our investigator from Texas the topic of the gift of tongues came up. My companion asked her how long  it had taken her to learn Spanish.She said about 3 years. My companion then put her hand on my shoulder and said I know that my companion has the gift of tongues. She has only been here for 6 months but she knows a crazy amount of Spanish. In that moment I felt the spirit so strong and realized how amazing it is that Heavenly Father is working through me.

5. A sister told me she likes my eyebrows. I could not help but smile because of all the memories of mom telling me I we need to visit the beauty shop because I was growing a unabrow..... :) 

6. A sister of our ward gave me a very expensive Chapias blouse.  I had asked her where she bought hers and she told me how much they cost.  I said oh ok I will have to find a cheaper one but then she gave me one. It is beautiful!

How has your testimony grown this week?
 I think this week I have really learned what it means to represent Him. One night we were walking home and I said something silly and two people heard. It hurt my heart,  I had thought no one would hear and we were alone but no.... it made me realize that as member of the church and even more as a missionary I have a huge responsibility to always represent HIM.

Best lesson this week?
Best lesson was with M... yesterday. He is a 18 year old boy that we contacted on one of our first days here. His baptism is on Saturday. He has changed so much and he has talked about being a missionary one day! I sure hope so. 

Any new people you are teaching?
Yes his name is H... he is the man that heard us sing and called us and told us he wanted us to visit him. He is progressing really fast and came to church on Sunday. 

Favorite thing you ate this week?

chicken with green salsa it is soooooo good:)
broccoli but it is fried with egg it is soooooooo good also !

 We have a less active member that we met with yesterday and she does not come to church because she runs in races every Sunday. I got to share the experience of one time at West Valley when Dad cheered so hard that I wanted to win just for him.... I will never forget Dad's face. I told her it is like our Heavenly Father who is cheering for us.
The earthquake had no effect; to tell you the truth I did not feel it. Our president called to check on us but everything is fine:)

I love u all the church is true:)

Hermana Hickman

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