Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 71: I love this work!

Ok sorry to all those that asked questions, but todays letter is dedicated to A..., and her sweet children!

We continue to teach L and her family they completed their fourth asistencia at church this Sunday. We still have so much to teach them, but they continue to grow. The children are so intelligent and always want to say the pray and answer the questions that we ask their mom. We talked a little about the plan of happiness this week and the three kids told us that Adam and Eve had to eat the fruit so that we could come to earth and experience new things... the kids love going to church and you can see the light they have in their eyes. They are so cute with us they always want to play games and go with us wherever we go:) But the story has only started. I only told you a little bit of their life on Mother´s day but for those that don´t know L... and her children have nothing... they live inside of a room that is the size of a office cubical with nothing but a suitcase and random dirty clothes. Their house is made out of broken wood and a door that does not close. Their bathroom is outside and is in equal condition. On Sunday we talked about L.. in ward council and it was mentioned that the elders in our ward had 2 extra beds that they could give them. So we all made a plan that we were going to go to her house and put the new beds in her house that day. When we showed up at 4pm yesterday we found out that the L..´s neighbor who introduced the gospel and takes her to church every Sunday as a part of her house is a shed that she was not using. The member gave L...the shed and when we got there we 7 other members showed up to help. We moved all her clothes over from her room size house to her new ( in her eyes mansion)   house. Then the elders showed up with the beds... We all stood watching the children faces when the elders showed up with beds for them to sleep on. Once everything was in place we decided that with so many members we would use the time to teach L... and her children something. We all sang "Near my God to thee" and in that moment I just watched everyone's faces as we all cramped into the new little house and sang. All of us felt something a little different but special:) We said the opening prayer and started talking about the priesthood.During the time we made the move it had been raining but not to hard) then all of the sudden a few members started to run to lift up the beds because water was running into the house... the back door was so low that the rain ( now that it was pooring) was flowing into their new house.... we lifted up the beds and then we all stood in shock. I left the house into the pouring rain to try and get something to stop the rain from coming into the house... I found a big peice of wood and it stopped it for a second, then my companion and one of the elders entered the rain and found something to block the water. We put our minds together and built a wall of wood and rocks and then a trail in the mud for the water to go down a drain. At this point we were all soaked from head to toe... but really though... I have never been so wet in my life. We finally finished an hour later, by then the water had calmed down and Elder P.., Elder F..., Hermana C... our Bishop and I stood outside soaking wet but with a feeling that we joy that one can´t really express. Yesterday, I really felt love for a family and wanted them to be safe and happy. I got to talk to L... for a min after we finished and before we left and she was just so happy. She is such a sweet humble women and I love her with all my heart. She still is very nervous about being baptized but I think we made a huge step forward with her yesterday, because she felt our love and the love of our ward.  Most importantly she felt the love of her Heavenly Father:) I know the work we did yesterday was little but it changed my life and want to continue to serve and love the people here in Chiapas:) Yesterday was probably the most wonderful day of my mission:) I love you all and I love this work that I´m in with all my heart,mind,and strength:)

I love you all so much and hope you can feel part of what I´m doing here. Because you all helped me become who I am and I would not change this experience for the world:) I love you all:)

Hermana Hickman 

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