Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Week 68: a gift from heaven

5 things that made you smile:
1. Ok it is mega hot here and it makes us fall asleep sometimes because it is so hot. So it was amazing we went to visit this little old lady who  we first thought was an investigator and then we found out she is a super less active member of the church. We taught her outside but before we left she said do you want some watermelon..... it was a gift from the heaven it was exactly what we needed to keep working :)

2. We went on Saturday to look for a contact and knocked on the door we thought it might be and a lady came out and was soooo mad at us she was like where are you guys from and we told her the USA and she was like why don´t you go preach to all the people in the USA that kill all the Mexicans. Sometimes  people hate us here.

3. Well Hermono U... got baptized this week and he is so happy. He gave the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting yesterday. It was neat because on Saturday he invited one of his sisters/ brother-in-law to his baptism.They live far away and they came. He told us right before he got baptized. "Hermanas, congrats you saved my soul that was super lost" 

4. Well our golden investigator A.. did not go to church and we went Sunday night to go find out why and if something had come up like always.  He told us Hermanas..... I have told missionaries before that I was going to go to church and then never went and it did not bother me and I just went about my day but today when I did not go to church I felt sad all day. It was cool to hear that because when he tolds us that I could tell that the spirit is really working with him. It was neat we talked about the plan of happiness with him and he told us I want this for all of my family ( his family is crazy and we normally teach him outside) and I got to promise him as a representative of Jesus Christ that if he choses this path and stays faithful his family will join him. 

5. Ok so intercambios (exchanges) started this week and it stresses me out when I stay in my area because it is a lot harder. When we stay in our area we are the only one that knows and you feel very alone. But this week I said a lot of little prayers in my heart that the Lord would help me find people to teach and that at the end of the day I could feel happy with my work. The exchange was on Wednesday and I stayed with a sister has a hard time talking in lessons or contacting. At the end of Wednesday I was dead... I would pass her the word or give her time to talk in the lesson and she would talk for like 10 secs so I just keep talking and talking all day. But we found 5 new people and invited them all to be baptized with a date:) The night before with my companion and I  had planned 25 contacts but the sister did not want to contact. She goes home in 4 weeks from her mission so I wanted her to enjoy herself and not force her to contact so I talked to everyone. At the end of the day we had 25 contacts:) But the funniest part was when we got on a crammed bus and I was carrying 6 Books of Mormon and  Hermana's huge bag to stay the night and a huge Spanish book and there was no space for me to sit. I had like half my bottom on the chair... I love Chiapas :) lol.

I love you all:)

Hermana Hickman 

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