Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 33: More rats, Mexican tan, hands that look like a fighter.

What 7 things made you smile?
1. We were out visiting people with our bishop and another member and we saw a rat in the street. I ran down the street and did not look back:)
2. I carried a 20 lb. thing of water for a man we contacted in the street and bruised my hand. Some of the members have asked me what happened because it looks like I fought with someone because my hands are so bruised!
3. We practically dragged a investigador to church. She was sleeping until we knocked on her door:)
4. Five men that sell candies in the street came to church. They don´t live here in Tuxtla and they know only Sotzil.  A member of our ward knows Sotzil and we gave them the first lesson (not us the member). I really really want to go to an area that speaks Sotzil:)
5. One day we came home and C... our neighboor who is pretty much a member came to cook in our house because she did not have gas to cook. She cleaned our house while she was there.
6. I have a family that I just love so much that we eat lunch with them on Sunday and they always pull jokes on me.
7. OK number 7 this week on Saturday we wanted to visit a whole bunch of people because Saturday is when everyone is home and we can invite them to church. This week we split up my companion went with a sister in the ward and I went with a different sister. I was pretty nervous all day. We went to visit D.. and K... They are a young unmarried couple that we have had a lot of ups and downs.  We got there and started the lesson and K.. started telling me that they have problems in their marriage. What was I suppose to say I had no idea, but somehow Heavenly Father put words into my mouth about the example of you and dad praying together every night.  Then K.. had the question of why she can´t baptise her two little kids. We had given her the homework to read Moroni 8, but they did not read it so we read a little together.  K... said no because the sins of Adam and Eve are our sins. Everyone tells us this and my companion always tells them a scripture in the bible from memory but she was not there and I had NO idea where the scripture was.  I saw a footnote that was in Mark so I opened my bible, but I did not have time to read what it said so I said a prayer and handed her the bible to read it.   What smile it brought to my face when it was the exact scripture I wanted:)

 Tell us about the most unusual contact you made this week?
I contacted a girl when we were in the bus and told her about English classes. A boy sitting next to her who niether of us knew jumped into the conversation and i invited him to English classes too.


 What is different about the homes in Tuxtla?  Do most people have all the things we have in our home?

 Well first off in the area I'm in right now is mostly apartments. The main difference is they don´t have yards and the whole family lives in the same house with their kids and grandkids and great-grandkids.

What was the best day this week and why?
Saturday and Sunday we had a lot of members that helped us out which was great:)

 When you are hot and tired, what inspires you to press forward?
 I joke around with my companion to contact so that I can take a little break from walking:)I also think about my future children and how I can tell them I walked uphill in the pooring rain on my mission. 
Love you all
Hermana Hickman

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