Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 34: Answering to Guerra, Big, green chili, Lots of rain, hiding birthday package from the ants

  What 7 things made you smile?
1. Three investigators came to church on Sunday.
2. I´m not sick any more.
3. We contacted a man in the street and he said my name is Jorge but then he said in English George and I remembered that Mr.George always called himself Jorge.
4. We were walking down the street and  Brother C...  shouted (Guerra) it means white girl and I turned around like it was my name  
5. We prayed under a shed that the rain would slow down because I was sick and we did not want to get wet and after the prayer the rain slowed down.
6. Realizing that I know Spanish.
7. When we taught a lesson and talked about how Christ came here in CHIAPAS.  You could feel the spirit.
8. My companion tried to get my to open my birthday package but I did not listen.
9. Ants got into my package so I put it in my suitcase so that they could not enter:)

In what ways have you changed in the last 8 months?
I´m more internal now because I can´t really talk about my feelings.
 Favorite things about being a missionary this week? (name 3)

1. When we plan and have the same idea and know that it is revelation.
2. Learning every day from the scriptures.
3. Wearing my name-tag.

How was zone conference?  Share something new that you learned?
That we are not doing enough:( and  that members need to do their part because if they don´t our investigators won't progress.

What are some of the mission rules that you feel keep you safe?  Do you still feel safe in your area?  Have there been times where you get nervous?
The rule is to be in our house at 9. Our área has spots that are bad. Our bishop told us last week that one área is where they sell drugs. We did not believe him at first because we had two families we were teaching there, but we know he is right.

Favorite meal this week?
 A big green chili that had mexican cheese in the middle and fried in egg .

Share one thing you learned from your companion this week?
She has always taught me that you work until your dead..... she has been a great example of giving all you got.
 The Church is true and I love YOU... :)

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