Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 40: "Life is great on the misión..... I find myself happy all the time!"

So how is the work in Tapachula?  what have you been doing to hasten the work this week?  Tell us about some of the people you are teaching?
There is so much work here. We have plans to have a baptism this Saturday and the next! We are teaching someone named E...: he is from Salvador but he spent some time in the USA. He tries to speak English with me but I just smile because I don´t understand what he is saying. He lives in the street and no one wants to give him work but the members are helping!

Tell us about the rain?  I read that you got 17 inches in September...that is crazy!  Do you get wet EVERY day?
 It rained a lot this week. We came home at the end of the day really wet 4 days this week! 

Which of your gifts do you use the most as a missionary? 
The gift to talk and smile at people I have  never met...I have seen my patriarchal blessing come true, and my personality has helped to open doors.

What 5 things made you smile?
1. I killed a whole bunch of cockroaches this week
2. We did zumba with a sister in the ward this morning.
3. An investigator invited us to play basketball with him in the park at 6 in the morning and I told the investigator that story about ¨how the NBA was looking for my brother¨ Joke from Melanie's brother
4. Our investigator M... who was baptized this week. He called us on Friday morning the morning of his interview and told us he was not going to be baptized. We went to visit him and read scriptures with him and helped him realize he was ready. He said the elders are not going to come to interview me though....  I picked up the pone and called the Elders and said come quick:)
5.Right now I´m going to go play soccer with some little kids!

Share a time that you were directed by the spirit this week?
 We talked with a man named R... his wife is a member and he has had year and years listening to the missionaries.... I felt something very special when I meet him.... I gave him a good talk this week but we will see how it goes!

Best lesson?
 We have had some great lessons but I can´t pick a favorite. I love our little convert family because everytime we visit them they have questions. They are so faithful. The dad has a huge amount of work but he continues to make time for the Lord.

Where are you studying in the scriptures right now?
Mosiah 5 or 6

Are the members very accepting of you even though you are a gringo?   Do people still stare at you when you are in the streets?  
ooooooooooooooooh yes they yell guerra and cat call and make me mad almost every day.  
Are they surprised that you can actually speak Spanish?  Yes

What keeps you going when you have a disappointing or hard day?
I almost never get disappointed, because I know that everything is part of the Plan God has for me.

Life is great on the misión..... I find myself happy all the time!

I love you all sorry I got to go play soccer:)

I love you all you are in my prayers!

Hermana Hickman

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