Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 62: Crazy Busy Week!

 Did you have Chikungunya virus  or Dengue or typhoid fever? Yes I had Chikungunya virus, but I´m much better now:) 


So tell us about your week? Ok we had a crazy week!   We had a leader meeting with president and then zone conference and then 2 intercambios with two companionships this week. We had an amazing experience with one of our investigators his name is H...., he is 18 years old and a friend of a young women in the ward. Last Monday we had a lesson at his house and we met his mom for the first time. She got super mad at us and told us her son couldn´t be baptized.... we were super sad and did not know what to do. The idea came to my mind that we needed to fast... I will tell you the truth I did not want to, but we got together with the young woman that is his friend and we fasted. Two days later we met with H... and he told us he had a really long talk  with his parents and that somehow they came to the point that he can be baptized.... It was a miracle! That day we also told him we fasted for him and he was in shock... we also got to teach him a lesson in the temple this week and the spirit was so strong I started to cry because I realized that the Plan of Salvation is so amazing. I feel like this young man is someone I came to earth to teach... He is getting baptized in two weeks!!!!

Another cool part about this week is we had stake conference.  My first area of the mission is in my stake and I got to see a whole bunch of people that I never would of thought remembered me but they did. They all gave my hugs and asked me if the sisters in my new ward are feeding me because I look thinner.... I think they are blind... lol 

Have you gone on exchanges? Yes so it was interesting because my first exchange was horrible. The sister wants to go home and she is super disobedient.... it was one of the hardest things I have done but I´m trying to do everything that Heavenly Father and my mission President expect of me. 

What is your favorite thing about being a sister leader? Seeing the behind of everything

Favorite person this week? Our bishop... On Saturday they called us and asked us what we wanted to eat on Sunday and told us that he wanted us to teach him lesson one after we ate. After we ate we started to teach him but joking around that he was an investigator. Then we got to the párt about Joseph Smith and I just bore my testimony that I have always had a hard time believing that Joseph Smith really had a vision but then I testified that I really did know for myself that he was called as a prophet of God. 

Do you feel more Mexican or American? Mexican.... I asked for a 4 month extension of the mission and president said yes which is crazy..... :)))) 

I love you all and I know that this church is true. I have felt it and I know that Heavenly Father loves us and the Atonement is real!

Hey mom it was a joke about making my mission longer I´m so excited to come home and see you! I love you all!!!

Hermana Hickman  

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