Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 63: Loving the people with all my heart!

Hi Family,
What was the most fun thing you did as a trainer? Idk... We wrote a whole bunch of motivational quotes and things we wanted to do on papers and put them all over the house. We just had fun working together C..... and I have jelled together sooo good:)

My companion and I made this up this morning...
What it means being a sister training leader:
1. Our excuse to travel all of Tuxtla
2. See your companion twice a week
3. All you want to do is come home and sleep after intercambios
4. You run out of saldo (unfuntional phone) 
5. You sleep on beds nicer then your own 
6. You get lost trying to get home from intercambios
7. Cold showers
8. We now exercise
9. Never learning your own area
10. Living purely off the ATONEMENT 

Best exchange. and why?.... I got to go to my first area in the mission this week as an exchange. I got to see one of the first converts I worked with. He came up to me and told me how thankful he was for the talk I gave at his bautismo and that he remembered my name.  That shocked me soooo much. He is going to enter the temple in May. He is the baptism I had the day I called home for Mothers Day a year ago. :)))))

How are you feeling?  still sore? dead but healthy I´m fine just stressed all the time.... :)))))


Best lesson and contact this week? Well I´m almost never with my companion but we had a power lesson on Friday. We just barely met them. They are a cute little family that accepted to be baptized and they are going to progress. We just got to get  them to church. 

finish the following sentences:

My favorite fruit is: all of them 
My favorite food is: empanadas
I will miss the most when I come home: the people that I really do love with all my heart 
I wish I could take home with me: the family Ramierz P.... 

I love you all! I love doing things I never thought I could do.  The mission has never been so hard. I rely on Jesus Christ every day. I love the mission. The ups and the downs! I love you all and you are all in my prayers. 

Hermana Hickman 

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