Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 10: Old beans=tea from plants, talk like a northern Mexican, Fans and Sneezing:)

Hola Familia!!!

Wow! Where did the week go? Let's see.... this week was really good! It started off a little rough.... I was sick this week (old beans again) but don´t worry mom I´m totally better now. It was kind of funny when we would tell the women at church that I was a little sick this week they would give me these strange plants to make tea with.... oh they are so cute! 

Ok everyone's letters asked about our investigators coming to church this week. One came with his less active friend and to tell you the truth I was so happy they both came I patted the old man´s back. I looked at my companion and she had eyes of "what are you doing!!!!" It was so funny! I was just so happy to see them both at church:) The investigator's baptism is on April 12. We are still hopeful that others will come to church but who knows. It is hard because we have so many people we could teach, but that if they are not willing to act we have to move on:(

Best part of this week was when someone told me that I looked and talked like a northern Mexican... not going to lie I was pretty excited. 

I have loved studying the scriptures this week. I don´t understand everything but I know enough! I love the story of Alma the Younger in the Book of Mormon and have been sharing it all week. In Mosiah it talks about how Alma the Younger is the vilest of sinners, but then in Alma 48 it list his name with some of the most righteous men of God. When we share this scripture with people I love to add the names of the members or less actives at the end of the list of Alma chapter 48.  We all have the opportunity to change and become men and women of God. 

I´m starting to realize that this change is really hard. I think Heavenly Father´s main goal for my mission is to teach me patience and I think it is going to take forever, but I trying every day to have more patience. 

Ok this week we have been sharing the First Vision  a lot and asking people to ask God if the church has really been restored. Just the other day my companion asked me when did you know that the church was true. I told her to tell you the truth I don´t know. That bothered me for a long time and I prayed and prayed that I would have this amazing experience that i would KNOW. Then on Sunday I read Joseph Smith History, Joseph said, " I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it." I have known that the church is true my whole life. I think sometimes I expect God to answer a prayer that He has already answered a million times. I know that this church is true.


What do you love most about your area? I LOVE the people. To tell you the truth they are so open and loving. I also love that our area has four different areas because it makes every day different. 

What do you admire most about the Mexican culture? I admire how hard they work and their positive attitudes even though they have nothing. It is really hard to watch because a lot of them don´t come to church because they can not afford to. They all love God here and I love that.

I felt like a real missionary this week when: When I saw our investigator at church:) 

Tell us about the people you are teaching: A.... is the name of the investigator that came to church. He is in his 60's. I think he is really great man and very receptive.
J..... is a 14 year old boy and oh man if I could only use 4 words to describe him.... he is so sweet. He has two little brothers and he watches them every day while his mom is at work.

OK we have like 30 others, but they will have to wait to be written about:) 

When and how will you learn Tzotzilk? (native Mayan language)  How often do you speak English? Right now we only have one investigator that knows it. I have not met her yet and a elder in our ward knows it, so we just go to the lessons for moral support. I only speak English about once a week. I speak English in English class. My companion is trying to learn and wants to to speak more, but she does not understand me, so I only speak Spanish.

How do you keep cool? fans
This week I learned that in Mexico people say when you sneeze someone is missing you... I love sneezing!
I love you all.... AND I KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!
Hermana Hickman

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