Hola familia... como estan? 

I`m not sure where to start as always....
I had my first interview with President C....last week and it was really good. I told him I`m here to help you do the work of God so whatever you need I`m here to help.... I might regret that:)  President talked to our district leader this week and told him that he thought that my companion and I are amazing. He said our numbers are amazing. I think this coming Monday I will be leaving, but I love this area.

I have been thinking a lot lately about numbers and how important they are. We report our numbers every day. I got to thinking that they are not just numbers they are people.  It does not matter how many numbers it matters how many lives we change. I also have been thinking about ¨return and report¨  it is not just for the district leader.. the zone leader... or not for my mission president... it is for God!

SO many times this week in my mind I have said....I`M A MISSIONARY!!!!!!! The truth is I feel like my whole life has been preparation for these 18 months. I`m not sure what I`m going to do after this but, I loving every minute of being here.

My favorite lesson to teach is the Plan of Salvation.  I love teaching about the perfect plan of our Heavenly Father, it brings such peace to me that God has a plan so I don`t need to stress. 

Funny story of the week: my companion asked what we should share in a lesson when we were planning. I said oh the story of when Nephi going to get the `platanos`. My companion laughed and laughed for days.  Platanos is bananas, I meant to say panchos=plate :) opps

1.Do people ride bikes everywhere if they don't have cars? 
 They mostly walk or ride the colectivo (bus). 
2.Temperature this time of year:
 It is very very hot here!  90 to 100 with 70% humidity.
3. Clouds all day or hot sunshine? HOT!
4. Do young children follow the Missionaries around and giver them hugs?
No only in my dreams:)   People just look at me funny:)
5.Have you found out how to break the ice and talk to people about the Church?
Nope I'm still learning how to talk in general:)
6..Do you ride buses to get around?
 Yes every day.
7.How far away do you travel to get to the church building from your apartment?
 30 min walk 
8.What do you eat besides cereal?  Is there yummy fruit?
 bananas.... rice.... bread.... I think I`m allergic to the milk here:)

 I`m living a dream every day.... I`m so happy, being here has made me realized that my life is perfect and I`m so blessed!