Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 12: New companion, pork tacos with unusual body parts, smiles and miracles

Wow another week has passed. It seems crazy that it is Monday again. This week I´m going to start by answering mom´s questions:
Did you stay in La Salle or go?
 I´m staying in La Salle this transfer, but my companion is leaving for the ocean part of our mission tomorrow. I will need lots of prayers as my new companion does not know the area or the people here. I have known for a while in my heart that I was going to be here, yesterday kind of confirmed it. I did a contact in the street and asked the man for his directions and phone number and for the first time in my mission I understood and wrote the directions and number without the help of my companion. In my heart Heavenly Father said," You are ready for what I´m about to ask of you." It would be a lie if i did not say I´m scared out of my mind.   

Tell us about something that made you Smile this week: 
This week I smiled when I realized that when we do what we are asked and continue in the work of the Lord he will literally hand you miracles. We were walking home after working really hard and we had the most perfect contact. It was so natural and it was Heavenly Father´s way of saying here you go this is for your hard work today. 

Tell us about something interesting that you ate this week:
 Funny that you would ask this week about something interesting.... last night a member gave us tacos made with  body parts of a pig. Lets just say not the normal parts. I know that part of the blessing of being a missionary is having the ability to eat whatever people give you:))))

Beside us what do you miss the most?
The BYU library.... driving and church at home because I feel like I don't understand anything. 

Are you in a safe area? 
Yes my companion gets nervous sometimes, but I feel very very safe.

 Do you see a lot of soldiers with machine guns? 
We live next to an army base and we have members that live on the base so every Sunday we enter to eat with them, but it is safe. 

Tell us about a time that you were led by the spirit:
 On Sunday after lunch... I was so tired and I thought I felt like the elder in The Best Two Years when he sit down in the street and then we went to a lesson and the guy was not there. We were able to contact a girl named M.... and we had a lesson with her.  She is amazing, she is 15 years old. Both her parents died when she was 9 years old  and for a time she lived by herself. She now lives with her ¨Husband¨ mas or menos who is 26 years old and takes care of his little boy. She is so sad. She said her dream is to go to school and have a husband that loves her. I'm so happy we found her, she is GOLDEN!!!
Do you have the opportunity to perform service in the community?
Yes we clean the house of the T... every week and yesterday I had the opportunity to help these two little girls that have dyslexia..... CRAZY I know.   I know God has a hand in His work I will be helping them learn how to read. It is amazing to be able to help someone when you know exactly how they feel.  

Three of our investigators came to church yesterday and it was so good to see them enter the chapel.  My favorite part was seeing J.. after church talking to all the youth. I felt like a little mom, so happy my little boy has friends. The members make all the difference....!!! A... and G...came to church too they are all progressing really well!!!! 

I love you all the church is TRUE!!!

Hermana Hickman

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