Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 8: Stickers, Cold Showers, Calling Bugs by Name

Ok first off, I love it here and I know that I`m in this exact spot for a reason.
I have so many things to say. First off I know why I have collected stickers my whole life: the little kids LOVE them and it is a way to start talking to the little kid's parents on the buses.

 I`m starting to love cold showers and all sorts of bugs. I talk to the bugs when we come home (in Spanish out loud) it is my way of coping with them in our house:)

Two really funny things this week: my comp is trying to learn English and was reading my dictionary. The first word she read was execute.... we had a good laugh when I explained what it was in Spanish.... also one day we were coming home from a meeting that had gone long so we ran though the streets of Mexico to get home on time.

I have a bunch of random stories.... ok a really cool experience was we were on the bus and I was not sitting next to my comp.  I kept thinking I need to talk to this man, but I did not want to. After about 5 minutes of talking to myself  I started talking to him.  Unfortunately, the man wanted nothing to do with the church, but I kept thinking about how when I don`t open my mouth Satan wins. So I hecka opened my mouth:)

 I have also realized that Heavenly Father is trying to teach me patience. My whole life I have had a plan, but here the culture is very different; it is very laid back. I know that I need to learn from this that it is ok to just trust that everything will work out!  I have also learned that I need to change. We had a meeting with the misión leader for like 3 hours. The leader thinks I know no Spanish so he never talks to me, but he asked a question and I answered in a very direct voice..... opps here you don`t answer right away I guess... it was bad... but I`m learning.
It was interesting I was a little upset about my Spanish one day, but then I thought to myself, " What do you want Hermana Hickman to wake up and know Spanish"..... it does not work like that.... I realized that I need to be working hard every day to learn more. Then he will bless me!
So this week we had exchanges and I went to Campanario in Ward ´Teran´ and at first I did not want to be there. We went to this lady's house named G... and my companion had not met her, but we went in, it was crazy. She was like," it is a miracle you are here".  I don't know why but after talking for a while I invited her to be baptized........ in the WORST spanish EVER..... I started to cry because I  felt the spirit so strong, so did she and you will not believe what she said....... she said YES!!!!!!!!!! I felt on top of the world.... I felt like our hearts talked and the spirit expressed what I could not in words. She is not in our área so I will never teach her again but it was a testament that God knows where we are ever minute of every hour.
One thing I would ask of everyone reading this letter is please be thankful for your lives and everything to have. I have seen things with my eyes that people should never have to live with.... these people are so sweet they have nothing yet they give everything. This week I experienced the atonement in a way I did not know was possible.... I felt exactly how the person was feeling and I felt a small piece of the love of the Savior. Please pray for C....her husband left her and took her baby with him. She has no idea where her baby is and she is a mess just like any mom would be if they did not know where their baby was.
Ok the worst part of this week is we have a new investigator and he is 18 years old and he is in love with me.... not really but he views me as a way to America. I keep wearing my CTR ring on my wedding finger hoping he will get a hint but cross your fingers... we are going to take a 18 year old member with us next time so that he can have a new friend:) lol
 Wow momento of the week:
This week was hard because when I came back from exchanges we had lost 4 of our 5 investigators..... that was really hard and I was really sad. but that day we were on the bus was a little boy. I gave him a truck sticker and both his parents smiled.... other people got on the bus and I was one person away so I could not talk to them...... I kept getting the feeling to talk to them.... talk to them ....... I wanted to so bad but I was scared..... finally the man in between us left and it was just us..... I did not do it but then I started to think about this family in white and I said ok.... I need to do this right now.... I did, I said our whole introduction about how we are missionaries.... and then I asked her would you like us to come visit you. Never in my life have I seen someone so excited to listen to the gospel. She said yes with her words, but more importantly with her eyes and heart!!!!!!!! I`m so excited we visit them on Thursday so pray hard her name is B..... I am so happy that the Lord trusts me with his work!!!!!!!!!

 I love the food here it is so HOT! It is sooooo good! The other day I had chili on my orange and it was way good!

Don`t tell mom but the drivers are crazy here... no speed limit, no seat belts, more then the amount of people a car should hold... . it is sooo fun!!!!
I love the work and the Lord..... We have reason every day to smile!!!! I love you all!!!
Hermana Hickman

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