Hey Everyone,
 Guess what I have been a missionary for 2 months now..... Can you believe it??? I can´t, it is crazy! I feel like a different person already. Ok this week was probably the hardest week ever, but it is good because hard things make you stronger. We had a lot of days where people did not want to talk to us and were rude, but it just makes me laugh looking back at those experiences. Also I kind of hit a wall with Spanish this week. It is ok because I will keep pressing forward. It is just hard because I want to help but I only understand so much and I can only say so little. 

This week we invited 8 people to be baptized including B.... from last week on the bus!!!!! They all accepted and they all have dates for April, but it is a rule in our mission you have to go to church 5 times before your baptism. My heart broke this week when not one of them came to church. I cried for a little while and it made me realize the importance of going to church. As I participated in the sacrament my heart hurt because I realized how important the sacrament is and how sad Heavenly Father was when they did not come. It was a hard day.


Life is good here! I find myself tired a lot, but I keep trying to press forward.  The hard thing is I want to be one of those missionaries that learns so much from the scriptures during my mission.  Because my focus is to still learn Spanish I studying the scriptures in Spanish.  Unfortunately I don't understand very much and after 50 minutes of trying to understand, I kind of give up and take a minute to pray.  
Tell us more about the English class:  How many people come?  Who teaches?
 I am the teaching of the little kids.  It depends on the week but between 4 and 12 people come every week. We invite our investigators because it is a way to get them to come to the church building and it makes it easier to know where it is on Sunday. 
How are the other missionaries in your district?  Are there a lot of sisters?
We have a set of elders in our ward, and there is one set of elders in our zone and 2 sets of sisters in our district counting us.

Do you need anything?  Are your clothes OK?  
No I´m ok! When I visit people that have nothing it makes me realize that I have everything. I have enough clothes, but I will not be bringing anything home you can count on that. Washing them makes them worse:)))

What do the members feed you?  (anything interesting?)
Beans and rice and fish and quesadillas. I love it all except I got sick last night a little bit but I´m good.  The beans a member feed us were a couple days old:))))
Explain the drink stuff...what is it called?  Are you allowed to drink the water?
 It is called agua or water, but they blend fruit with water and it is....... interesting

What do you eat for breakfast and dinner?  Do you shop with Mexican money?   What do you buy? Cereal and cereal!  I think I have lost weight this week. I shop with Mexican money.