Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California

Sister Melanie Hickman, from Chico California is serving an 18 month mission in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 43:Dia de muertos, 154 contacts, broken refrigerator:(

Hi Everyone:
So how was your week?  Great we had a lot of sucess this week and little by little we are finding people that are ready to be baptized. It was super cool this week on Saturday we had a lot of contacts that we needed to do to reach our goal of 140. On Saturday we contacted 52 people we were so happy. The mission goal is that at least 4 people come to church only 3 people came we were pretty sad that all of our goals were' nt going to be met. When we went to eat lunch with the members they told us that there was an investigator at church that we did not know.  We were so happy and completed the mission goals of excellence this week:)

Share 5 things that you are thankful for:
1. To have the opportunity to serve a mission.
2. To have the Book of Mormon in my life.
3. To have a family that all of them are members of the Church.
4. To know the plan God has for me.
5. For my amazing companion Sister H!

Share 5 things that made you smile:
Everything makes me smile... this question stresses me out!
1. We have a little boy we are teaching that just loves going to church and reminds us when his baptism is when we visit with him.
2. Dia de muertos or Halloween here is crazy the people visit the graveyards and have a party.
3. Our convert family bore their testimonies at church.
4. Being able to fall asleep in 2 secs when my head hits the pillow.
5, My companion and I went to town this week so she could pick out a dress to go home in and I tried on a couple of things and realized I liked my old missionary worn out clothes better:)

Best lesson this week? With the little boy B.. he listens to us and learns so fast .He wants to be baptized and tells us how many more Sundays he needs before he is baptized.

Any earthquakes? yes but they are when i´m sleeping so I don´t feel anything.

After being sick is it hard to eat?
 I´m feeling a lot better but now our refrigerator does not work so we can´t buy food:)
Share a time that you felt the spirit guide you:
We did not have time to visit a women that lived far away so we decided to visit a man that is preparing to be baptized. When we visited him his ¨girlfriend¨was visiting him and they had just had a huge fight. The woman started to cry. I know that it was not an accident that we visited them that night:)

How has your mission prepared you for marriage and being a mother?
Being a missionary has helped me really know what I want in a husband.  I want my husband to love the Lord more then he Loves me. I feel like I have changed so much that it is crazy. I feel like hearing people's problems and worries and all the bad things that are passing through their lives has helped me prepare to listen to my children and forget the problems I might have.

How has your testimony grown this week?
I know now that Heavenly Father knows us personally and that he understands and knows our hearts, I know that His Son went through a lot so that I can have someone to talk to every night when I kneel down to pray. I could not be happier to be a missionary! i feel blessed to know more about His restored gospel.
 Love you ALL!
Hermana Hickman

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